Vintage Yankees Tee

Today I decided to wear my $1  NY Yankees vintage tee from UrbanXChange in Tacoma, WA! I paired it with a pair of high-waisted Chic brand shorts and red tights from Forever 21 to compliment the red in my tee. The high-waisted shorts I made myself from pants that cost only $3.50(: To add edge to my look I added my favorite leather/ sweater  jacket that I got from Tilly’s for $40. It’s more than I like to spend on things, but it’s a staple and it has more than paid for itself! To tie it all together I put on my beat-up, slouchy combat boots from Macy’s. I’ve had them for almost 2 years now, so the more I use them the more vintage they look. I definitely need a new pair, but for this slouchy, yet edgy look they work perfectly! Tip: For those days you want to be comfy, without looking like a complete hobo then throw on your favorite over-sized tee and balance it with a pair of pants (or shorts!) that accentuate your figure, so you’re not swallowed by your shirt. You can also add  a zip-up that has a little structure or that’s more form fitting to still maintain your shape as well. Don’t hide behind the huge tees, own them and your figure too!(:

DSCN1885 DSCN1888 DSCN1893


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