High-Low Paisley Skirt

March is starting off pretty good in Washington! I celebrated with a mint v-neck and a high-low paisley skirt that I made myself. It was soo easy! Just thifted a maxi skirt for $4 and cut it into a U-shape in the front(: I kept trying it on and cutting bit by bit so I could figure out the length I liked, which took a while but it was worth it! Wish I could take credit for this idea, but props goes to Pinterest!(: Since it was still chilly out, I wore a black infinity scarf, traditional black tights (my go to in Winter!) and black riding boots. Tip: Black basics really make your main “wow” piece pop even more! In cases where you really wanna show off something new or maybe even something you’ve REclaimed then keep your other details basic, so people focus all their attention on your “wow” piece. For my outfit I sported gold accessories like the multi-colored rhinestones and gold band I thrifted and gold earrings, I got for Christmas, to really bring out the gold/yellow in my skirt! Accessories that highlight the colors in your “wow” piece really bring the entire outfit together(: Hope everyone’s March started off wonderful! I’d love to hear about any REclaiming you’ve done lately, just comment below!(:

DSCN1910 DSCN1911




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