Not Too Hot or Cold, Just Right!

It’s Aloha Friday! On this sunny day in Washington, I sported a tribal print dress, from Macy’s, with black riding boots(: This is my go to outfit for the transition between Winter and Spring, because I’m able to enjoy the sun in a cute dress WITHOUT tights and still stay warm with my black riding boots.  As the day went along it became colder, so I slipped into my jeans jacket that I recently REclaimed(: I will be uploading a tutorial on how to recreate this look if you’re tired of your plain old jeans jacket. It’s suuper easy(: To accessorize this outfit I wore a braided wrap around charm bracelet from H&M and rocked my new favorite purse. I got the purse last weekend at a thrift store for only $3!! I absolutely adore the gold chain that accents the black, so classic! Also, since it’s thrifted the genuine vintage look of it adds character, without clashing with the tribal print of my dress. Tip: If you are having trouble with these sunny, yet cold days from Winter to Spring then pick your favorite Spring piece (dress, shirt, skirt, etc.) and style it with a pair of boots or shoes from Winter. The best accessories to wear would be neutral colors, like black, which will go well with the Winter and Spring pieces. Don’t forget to bring along a jacket for the cold evenings!







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