Monday Pick Me Up!

To all you Monday haters, I am one of you! But my favorite Monday pick me up is sporting my weekend deals(: My proudest purchases this weekend was this white knitted scarf I got at a consignment store for $7.50 and the jeans vest I scored at Goodwill for $6.99(: Being Monday I didn’t go crazy with my outfit, just simple with this tie-dye slouchy tee from Forever 21 (I got during the seasonal sale, between Summer &Fall) and black skinny jeans. These are Else brand skinnies from Macy’s, they are pretty expensive but THE BEST investment I’ve ever made! The black goes with everything and they are perfect for my figure. Tip: If you have curvy legs like me and can’t find a pair of skinnies that fit you correctly, I definitely recommend trying Else brand. At Macy’s, the seasonal and printed ones seem to go on sale pretty often and I know they have some cute colorful/floral Else skinnies on sale right now(: Macy’s also has great online deals for regular Else jeans, I got mine online & they were $15 cheaper online than in store for the same exact pair of jeans! To finish off my simple outfit I wore my favorite red boots, the perfect hint of color to any simple outfit!





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