Masquerade Madness

Last night I went to my very first masquerade party! I realize my handsome boyfriend and I are not wearing masks, but what most people don’t tell you is how uncomfortable they are! Nevertheless, getting invited to a masquerade party made me sooo excited to get all dolled up for the occasion! I hit the road with my friends and headed to Goodwill and Value Village. Everything I’m wearing though, I got from Goodwill(: I found this adorable black lace dress priced at $12.99 and got it for only $6.50! It’s a few sizes too big, but I used the turquoise sash and black belt to allow the dress to fit me better. The sash is actually a REclaimed scarf  that was only $1.99(:  I wrapped  and safety pinned it around my rib cage to create the illusion of a fuller skirt and to make me look taller(: The belt costing $7.99 was the most expensive purchase from Goodwill because it was new, but it’s such a versatile belt! I’ll be able to use the belt so much because the antique belt buckle is simple, yet a perfect statement to add to any outfit!(: Tip: If you are an avid thrifter like myself, or just getting into the shopping at thrift stores, then I highly suggest checking out Goodwill! They have weekly sales on certain colored tags and other one day store wide sales like 50% all donated apparel (when I got all of this) in which low prices are even lower! No coupons needed for these special events, and there’s ALWAYS something going on! It’s a great place to start off and an even better place to keep coming back to!(: Oh and for you guys, who are dragged along to these parties, goodwill has quality button ups like my boyfriend’s for great prices too! His was only $8.99(: If you love great deals too, I’d love to hear about your favorite places to shop! Just comment below(:



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