Concrete Jungle

New year, new blog! You’ll notice that some of the stores are blue and underlined. If you click on it it’ll take you directly to the online site where you can buy the item if you’d like! 😊 Also, I decided to try to post each of my outfits from senior year. It may not be one post per day, but my goal is to have all of them end up here eventually!

Day 2 of senior year! I wore:
• Mötley Crüe Tank Top- H&M $5
• Cheetah Print Vest- JCPenney $15
• Skinny Jeans- H&M $29.95
• Black Booties- Ross
• Spike Necklace- Old Navy $1
• Sock bun – H&M
• Black Studded Purse- Forever 21 for $6
Hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to hashtag reclaimed threads on Instagram to share the risks you’re taking with your style this year! I’ll share all of my favorites 😊





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