Monday Mix Up: Pajama Style Pants

Day 14: Hey guys I know I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve just been so busy lately! But I will have my missed days up asap!

Today I posted my very first Monday Mix Up! It’s a new feature I’m adding. Since I don’t have an unlimited supply of clothing I do reuse the same article of clothing, but I mix it up so I don’t repeat the same exact outfit! I hope this gives you all ideas on how to mix up your wardrobe as well (:

This Monday Mix Up is all about these H&M Pajama Style Pants

Outfit #1- “Pajama Punk”
Outfit #2- Night out in Seattle! Polished these pants with a tucked in white tank, studded leather jacket, black booties and side swept curls. The pants were able to shine while the rest of the outfit carried a cool and edgy feel.
Outfit #3- Sweater & Sandals!
I wore a cream color sweater studded with gems along with brown strappy wedges to give just the right amount of chic! (Today’s outfit)


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